One could veritably taste the excitement and hear the crackle of anticipation in the atmosphere as some of us set up the venue and put in the finishing touches. We were ready to receive our dear friends, most of whom were last seen 30 years ago exiting the gates at Roseville.

Connecting in the time of COVID-19, when social distancing is the norm and alcohol prohibited, was nevertheless an occasion of heartfelt reunions, stirring stories and amazing camaraderie. The mere presence of those in attendance spoke to their unquestionable commitment to the bonds of friendship.

There were prayers, speeches, presentations, a birthday celebration … much joy, laughter and shenanigans. A sponsored laptop was handed over as a gift of appreciation to our alma mater. Nostalgic music of the 80’s regaled us and the dance floor beckoned …. it was a night none of us will forget.

Thea Gounden