An Ode to a Rosevillian

Never, never, and never again shall we chart our courses, setting sail on a quest for our pot of gold, succumbing to currents setting us so far adrift one from the other! Never again shall we get lost in the fog of life, losing sight of our fellow Rosevillians!

Some have ridden the crests of high wild waves, some engulfed and tossed about haphazardly, while others buoyantly carried by the swells. Alas! Some of us have sunken to rise no more. Yet here we are, brought together again by heeding the bellowing call of the foghorn, and by the currents governing the seven seas.

Let us aim for dry land, if only to let heaven’s hot eye cradle us in its warmth that we might bask in the glow of ‘89, our hearts ablaze from friendship’s embers. Let the sun never set on so glorious an ‘89 achievement! – Courtesy: Sharon Stapelfeldt Faulkner – Class of 89